About دار الذكر
دار الذكر

About Dar Al Dhikr Schools for Boys in Jeddah:

School inception:

The schools were established in 1422 AH corresponding to the year 2001 AD.

What distinguishes Dar Al Dhikr schools?

One of the most important features of Dar Al-Zikr schools is the moral and ethical atmosphere that characterizes their environment, according to a study conducted by the schools to find out the impressions of parents of school students about what distinguishes Dar Al-Zikr. Schools have achieved this through many of the criteria they apply in selecting teachers, students, curriculum and procedures to deal with exceptional behavioral problems.

School No. A in Makkah Al Mukarramah Region among all private and governmental schools in a test to measure abilities for the secondary stage according to the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation in General Education for the years (1429 AH - 1430 AH - 1431 AH), and this achievement is an important indicator and indication at the level The actual evaluation of the school is based on the average of all students, and this evaluation is carried out by the Qiyas Center, which is an independent official body and belongs to the Ministry of Higher Education.